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ROAM is an African Contemporary Art Gallery specializing in works of art, sculpture, photography, furniture, jewelry with an in-house interior design team. Xtina Studios teams work together to accomplish our shared vision:  to bring awareness of sustainable conservation initiatives which directly support Africa’s artists and people, as well as preserve and protect the African lands that are home to endangered species.  By showcasing African art and artists and through our media efforts we endeavor to protect habitats and wildlife through storytelling, and by supporting African culture and art.


In the heart of Williamstown lives in Berkshires is home to our art and photography galleries.

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Visionaries Behind the Exhibits

Meet the artists and team behind ROAM Gallery. Together, we present a rich tapestry of African contemporary and traditional art in an engaging, accessible manner. Our approach encompasses storytelling, visual arts, photography, film, and traditional artwork, with a special focus on artists dedicated to sustainable practices.

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