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Xtina Parks

ROAM is a vibrant showcase of contemporary and indigenous art embodying the diverse expressions of African creativity; and conservation.

ROAM, envisioned by Xtina Parks, is an ecosystem that blends art, conservation, and community engagement. It is a platform where fine art photography, books, films, and philanthropy converge. It strongly focuses on Xtina's African engagements: conservation, academic research, conservation initiatives, Motlhala Lodge, and other vibrant cultural endeavors and projects.


At its core, ROAM comprises three integral components: ROAM: A Xtina Parks Gallery, Xtina Studios, and Xtina Photography. Each of these facets is dedicated to bringing conservation efforts to the forefront of global consciousness.

the gallery

ROAM Galleries showcase African art in a way that connects deeply with nature, blending traditional and contemporary works of photography and film visual arts. These galleries display art and tell stories, aiming to change how we see the natural world. A unique aspect of ROAM Galleries is their commitment to featuring artists who advocate sustainable practices, thereby intertwining art with environmental stewardship.

the studios

Xtina Studios is actively involved in conservation efforts, creating documentaries to raise awareness and protect endangered species and habitats. The studio’s team, consisting of filmmakers and researchers imbued with a spirit of adventure, strives to instill hope and drive positive change, giving voice to the voiceless wonders of nature.

the team

At the heart of ROAM is a team driven by more than just profit. This diverse group values each other's differences supports personal growth and is unwavering committed to making a positive impact. They are united in their mission to share stories of art, conservation, and global connections, looking forward to welcoming new members into their journey.

Xtina Parks, Founder of ROAM: A Xtina Parks Gallery and CEO of Xtina Studios

Xtina Parks

Xtina Parks is a passionate African Wildlife Photographer, filmmaker, and conservationist expedition leader dedicated to preserving habitats and protecting wildlife across Africa. As the visionary founder and owner of ROAM A Xtina Parks Gallery, an esteemed African contemporary art and fair-trade gallery nestled in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, she extends her commitment to conservation through art. Adjacent to the gallery, she operates Xtina Studios, a film production studio with a laser focus on amplifying African conservation efforts.

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Driven by profound dedication to conservation, she established ROAM Gallery to champion African artists and uplift communities.

The Gallery's mission aligns with her conservation endeavors to safeguard habitats and endangered species while promoting eco-tourism, particularly around African parks and concessions. ROAM is a vibrant showcase of contemporary and indigenous art, sculpture, photography, and basketry, embodying the diverse expressions of African creativity.

Xtina and her team work to increase awareness of sustainable conservation efforts that support African art and protect the continent's precious lands and endangered wildlife.

Through various media, the ROAM brand and ROAM Gallery strive to preserve natural habitats and wildlife, all while celebrating and supporting the rich tapestry of African culture and art. Xtina Studios, her film production company, meticulously documents the efforts of her research team in Africa, providing crucial data surveying to identify wildlife species. This information aids government and park agencies in formulating policies to protect these vital areas further.

Currently, her team is editing a documentary on the Bale Mountains in Ethiopia, This is Ethiopia, where her research team conducted a large carnivore camera trap study. Additionally, her YouTube series, ROAM with Xtina, aims to inspire younger audiences to engage with conservation in an adventurous manner, showcasing the stunning beauty of Africa's landscapes, skies, and wildlife.

In 2023, Xtina published and authored a new photographic book, ROAM, which is autobiographical and captures her transition from a wildlife photographer to a conservationist.