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ROAM is a global lifestyle brand created by Xtina Parks, embodying her core values of Passion, Conservation, and Collaboration.

Since 2011, Xtina has been deeply involved in documenting and supporting the people and wildlife of Africa. Her work through ROAM is about capturing stunning images, bridging cultural divides, and addressing human-wildlife conflicts caused by shrinking habitats. Her efforts directly impact local economies and play a crucial role in promoting the preservation of habitats and wildlife diversity.

ROAM stands as a testament to Xtina's diverse engagement, encompassing her fine art photography, authored books, film series, global collaborations, community involvement, and conservation work. It reflects her unwavering commitment to the artistic and environmental aspects of African life and culture, ranging from academic research to managing a lodge in Botswana, underlining her dedication to diverse, dynamic conservation efforts.

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ROAM Gallery is an African Contemporary Art Gallery specializing in works of art, sculpture, photography, furniture, jewelry with an in-house interior design team. Together with Xtina Studios, their mission is to promote sustainable conservation efforts. They focus on supporting African artists and communities, preserving wildlife and habitats, and highlighting African culture and art through their exhibits and media efforts.

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by Xtina Parks


Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of Africa's wildlife, people, and landscapes with "ROAM," a remarkable coffee table book by Xtina Parks, an esteemed American photographer, filmmaker, conservationist, and the visionary founder of ROAM A Xtina Parks Gallery. This stunning 279-page collection encapsulates Xtina's profound passion for the preservation and habitat restoration of endangered species, capturing the essence of Africa's remarkable biodiversity.

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Support local artists and conservation efforts with every purchase.

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